ST. LOUIS, July 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CS Group, formerly Citrus Springs, rebrands around an on-trend brand portfolio, as well as national distribution expansion led by Cool Attitudes Fresh, Natural Mixers.

The company, formerly operating as Citrus Springs, has announced its reformation and rebranding as CS Group behind an expanded brand portfolio now selling through a national network of distributors. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Rich Davis, the reformed CS Group has launched a new set of brands designed to target the evolving cocktail mix market. The brandsCool Attitudes Fresh, Natural Mixers and Paradise Juice & Mixers, having rolled out over the past three years, are having a major impact on the bar and nightclub industry.

CS Group has evolved its business strategy around an innovative brand portfolio. "Consumer preferences continue to move toward fresh, natural and healthy. With our new brands, we are filling a void in the cocktail industry created by these new preferences. We are bringing premium mixers and juices to mixologists and bar professionals who actively seek brands that meet and satisfy these evolving consumer demands. The recent success and rapid growth of both Cool Attitudes Fresh, Natural Mixers and Paradise Juice & Mixers validates our belief that the market is ready for our new brands," Davis said.

CS Group has added over 40 new distributor partners since 2014, and its brands are pouring in over 15,000 restaurants, bars, and casinos around the US. CS Group distributors have experienced significant growth with the new brands, as well as with CS Group's legacy brand, Citrus Springs Juices. "Building a brand portfolio based around trends in the cocktail industry has transformed our business from a regional foodservice company into a leading manufacturer serving the total bar & nightclub industry. CS Group's brands continue to win in the market, and our major growth is still ahead of us," Davis said.  

About CS Group

At CS Group we focus on innovation, quality, and product efficacy to create unique beverage brands that are timely and on trend. Among our brands are Cool Attitudes Fresh, Natural Mixers, Citrus Springs Juices, and Paradise Juice & Mixers. Our brands are sold thru an elite network of distributors each selected for their strong reach into their markets. Our brands are featured in over 15,000 restaurants, hotels, casinos, bars, clubs, universities, institutions, and vacation venues around the US. For more information or to connect:

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